Elder Scrolls Online Complete Gold Guide 2023 - How to Farm ESO Gold

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In the vast landscape of MMORPGs, you often encounter a plethora of loot drops that might initially seem like trivial scraps – items you'd typically overlook, much like a stray penny on the sidewalk.

In ESO, various avenues open up for Elder Scrolls Online Gold generation, with the most lucrative opportunities often revolving around item sales. While you can opt for direct person-to-person sales, the most convenient method involves listing your wares on a Guild Trader. An added benefit is the ability to peruse what fellow players offer for sale, granting you valuable insights into the market's value hierarchy. Here are the prime methods for amassing wealth in ESO:

Join Guilds

Even if you are new to ESO, you have probably seen people that are recruiting for trading guilds. In ESO instead of a centralized auction house or AH, players use guilds to set up merchants around the world to sell their goods. Only members of the guild that employs the specific merchant can sell their goods there. I recommend that you join as many trading guilds as possible on your gold farming character. Some guilds will have requirements to join by either paying a fee or by promising to sell for a minimum amount of gold per week. Better trading guilds will have merchants in better locations so that you can make more gold. rewrite it


Engaging in quests serves as a rewarding endeavor in ESO, yielding not just experience points but also a steady flow of gold and valuable items. To maximize your gains, direct your attention towards three key quest types: main story quests, zone story quests, and daily quests. These daily quests encompass activities such as Undaunted Pledges, as well as tasks affiliated with the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Cyrodiil.

Main and zone story quests tend to offer substantial rewards that can significantly bolster your resources. Additionally, don't overlook the value of repeatable quests, like those awaiting you in Craglorn and the Thieves Guild. These quests are exceptional avenues for amassing gold and securing valuable loot repeatedly.

Collect Everything

In the vast landscape of MMORPGs, you often encounter a plethora of loot drops that might initially seem like trivial scraps – items you'd typically overlook, much like a stray penny on the sidewalk.

However, if you're aiming to accumulate wealth in Tamriel, it's time to reconsider your approach. Do not dismiss loot drops, and don't pass up opportunities to collect plants, ore deposits, wood stacks, Aspect runes, barrels, chests, and more – in essence, leave no stone unturned.

Every item you stumble upon serves a purpose:

Valuable items can be converted into much-needed cash.

Armor and weapons, while unsuitable for sale, can mend your broken gear or be disassembled to yield valuable materials and crafting components, not to mention the crafting expertise you'll gain.

Resources like ore, wood, and ingredients hold the potential for sale or can be stockpiled for your personal crafting endeavors.

In essence, your strategy should revolve around collecting absolutely everything you encounter, retaining what you require, and turning the rest into a source of income.


Crafting stands as a highly profitable endeavor for wealth accumulation in ESO, though it's not particularly beginner-friendly. This method is better suited for more experienced players, requiring both patience and dedication to acquire the necessary skills for crafting valuable items. Once you've honed your crafting abilities, the potential for substantial earnings becomes quite apparent.

Items with consistent demand that can fetch significant returns include popular sets like Law of Julianos and Hunding's Rage, as well as alchemical potions, which you can find a detailed list of in my Alchemy Guide. Notably, there are several crafted sets that enjoy strong market demand, making them a lucrative option for the astute crafter.

Furnishing crafting also merits consideration, provided you have the financial means to cover material costs and the requisite crafting skills. Certain furnishings can command astonishing prices, with some fetching millions of gold in the market.

Farming Chests

Engaging in chest farming presents an excellent avenue to obtain valuable jewelry, especially in regions devoid of Dark Anchors or analogous world events. Within these chests, you'll stumble upon precious rings and necklaces hailing from renowned sets such as Briarheart or Bright-Throat's Boast.

Enhancing your gold-earning potential through this method is possible with the aid of the Fortune's Favor and Treasure Hunter constellations within the Craft skill tree. Additionally, the Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive from the Excavation skill line proves to be an invaluable asset, enabling you to spot chests more swiftly, thus increasing your efficiency in the pursuit of these coveted items.

Harvesting Crafting Materials

Farming Crafting materials and selling them to Crafters is a good method because some materials are expensive and will fetch a great price. Using a dedicated character at speed cap is often the best way to harvest materials. To harvest materials of higher value, you will have to invest skills points in Crafting skills. Master Gather and Plentiful Harvest stars in the Craft constellation can also help you make more gold with this method. rewrite it

Earning gold in ESO can be achieved through various methods, such as daily crafting writs, farming materials, participating in public dungeons and world bosses, thieving, flipping items on the guild store, participating in events, farming overland sets, and completing Master Writs. By exploring these methods and finding the ones that suit your playstyle and preferences, you can maximize your gold-earning potential and enjoy the many benefits of having ample in-game currency. https://www.igmeet.com/Eso-Gold is a professional seller selling MMO currency. Fifteen years of expertise makes this site one of the best places to Buy ESO Gold